Iris Hantverk Toilet Brush in Natural Concrete Bowl

Iris Hantverk
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Clean lines and a bold Nordic design elevate the Iris Hantverk Toilet Brush in a concrete bowl. Inspired by a minimalist Scandinavian design, Lovisa Wattman creates functional household products with a Scandinavian twist. The concrete bowl is molded by hand in a small foundry outside of Stockholm. 
Note that you cannot fill the concrete cup with water and toilet cleaner and have the brush standing in it.


Natural Concrete Bowl


Oil treated birch

Concrete, polymer

By adding a small addition of polymer (plastic) the concrete becomes elastic and pliable. It´s is not so soft that it can be bent, it’s still a stone material but has a pleasant feeling to it - warm, smooth and comfortable.


40.5 x 8 cm


Iris Hantverk is a Swedish brush manufacturing company that creates natural household goods according to an old Scandinavian tradition throughout Europe.

Made in Sweden