Kaiser Sheepskin Rug Jumbo XL - Natural

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How do you ensure comfort all year round? With unique lambskins from the Kaiser brand, which are ideal for decorating chairs, armchairs, couches or as a rug on the floor. It's guaranteed to be cozy at home.

Our JUMBO XL sheepskins can also be used very nicely on garden chairs or armchairs. As this is a natural product, differences in size and color are possible! (Please note that the colour camel is shown in the last picture. It provides an idea of the sizing.)


Approx. 120 cm + long, 65 cm wide


100% sheepskin/lambskin rug, long hair, un-died


Since skins are subjected to a great deal of stress every time they are cleaned, it is sufficient to air the skin out in the fresh air. Regular brushing with our Kaiser Sheepskin Brush in the direction of hair growth preserves the appearance of the fur and you will be able to enjoy this item for a long time.

Made in Germany