Elephant Grass Large Storage Basket #2

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Our grass baskets are multi functional - use them as a shopping basket, a basket for your kid's building blocks, your fire wood or your throw. The possibilities are endless.

Made from naturally harvested elephant grass. 

Handles are wrapped with leather for durability.

Reshaping: Baskets can arrive misshapen, you can run it under water, shape and leave it to air dry.

Measures approx, 35 x 25 cm (variations of size is possible as it is a handmade item)

Trimming: Each basket is handmade using elephant grass, similar to straw. Sometimes bits of straw can stick out. Please trim it with a pair of scissors.

A Fair Trade product from Ghana

Please note that a fixed shipping fee of $25 is applied to this product (over-sized). We will refund this fee is you pick this item up from our retail store in Toronto or may partial refund if the shipping fee is lower.