KINTO Plant Pot 191 Earth Grey - 105 mm

KNTO-PP191 105 29213 Earth
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Our KINTO Plant Pot 191 fits naturally in minimalist spaces, with its clean silhouette and dry textured glaze.

Perfect for showcasing plants that grow vertically like the cactus that you've had since your first apartment. The drainage hole at the bottom allows water to drain freely and keeps plants healthy. It comes with a saucer so that it is also suitable for growing plants indoors.​

The dry textured glaze highlights the lushness of your indoor wilderness while the sleek design and clean silhouette will fit into even the most minimalist of spaces.


Pot Diameter: 10.5 cm (4.2 inches)
Pot Height: 8.5 cm (3.4 inches)
Saucer Diameter: 10.5 cm (4.2 inches)
Saucer Height: 1.0 cm (0.4 inches)



Product size and shape varies in each item due to manufacturing process. Appearance of colour glaze unevenness varies in each item. Some products may take on scorched-like texture on the surface. It is an unique glaze effect called "yo-hen", unintended colour transformation show on the ceramic and porcelain after firing.

Made in Japan