Kähler Design Hammershøi Ovenproof Dish 29x39cm - White

Kähler Design
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With this beautiful piece of ceramic, Kähler and Hans-Christian Bauer have created an ovenproof dish which in shape and design matches any style. The fine furrows on the dish decoratively present your home-cooked meals and can be taken directly from the oven to the table. Mix and match the many products of the Hammershøi range for a complete dinner table.




29 x 39 cm


Hans-Christian Bauer


Hammershøi is timeless tableware that can be collected and enjoyed for the rest of your life

Designed in Denmark


We recommend that candlesticks, vases, decanters, storage jars and all wooden parts of the Hammershøi series be washed by hand and never with steel wool.

The Hammershøi range is dishwasher proof, but with caution. We always recommend placing the parts carefully in the dishwasher with plenty of room for other dishes. The Hammershøi service is microwave proof at low power. However, remember to avoid rapid temperature changes as this can cause the glaze to crack.

Hammershøi Christmas is dishwasher proof (to a max. of 55 degrees). Traces of wear may appear on the decorations over time. Plain hand washing is naturally more gentle on the decorations than machine washing.